Business Level strategy of Coca Cola

In Uncategorized on March 2, 2011 at 4:06 am

Coca Cola with its fizzy flavor in fashionable bottles attracts its main target:  youths. Everyone likes to take Coca Cola with them wherever they go as Coca Cola fashionable bottles are convenient to take out. Coca Cola has many customers in 206 countries. With consideration for its customers, Coca Cola innovates different flavors.  For people who do not like drinking pop will become liking to taste Coca Cola by watching its advertisement — one of its reach point to customers. By taking chance of the emergence of the technology, Coca Cola targets to get more customers on Facebook and twitter.

Why people still like Coca Cola is obvious to see –Coca Cola has been using all differentiation and low cost strategies. Customers satisfaction increases; Coca Cola has no problem to introduce its innovated products. Moreover, Coca Cola gives its customers more information about beverages by having a big museum in Atlanta. Not only customers like the fizzy Coca Cola flavor but also they like Coca Cola’s positive mission, vision, and slogans — are persuasive and positive. With customers support, Coca Cola also satisfies its suppliers, bottlers. Coca Cola’s employees are loyalty. However, maintaining its shareholders and customers satisfaction, time after time, while producing differentiated low-cost beverages will be a puzzle question for Coca Cola CEO , Muhtar Kent.


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